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About Us

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We are leading book publisher in India. We are a symbol of trust and transparency between author and reader. We will always care of your rights in book publication. Best and basic with high quality education is a every kids right, so our motive make best educational content books for everyone. We are also kid’s book publisher well known as “Bright MP Publisher” in world of book publishing. Not big work but we can create a unique way to move toward bright future with symbol of trust and loyalty from our end. Our dream is make our kid’s base perfect and rock with solid education, there have no chance to make them weak in any field.

Our work started very well and we did our work to a large extent. We continued to do our work till late in the night, but it was very difficult to wake up till late and then wake up early in the morning to do our daily work and work all day, but we did. But as the work progressed, troubles started coming in our way. Physical and mental and family problems started coming, work was delayed a lot and more started happening.

We do not remember whether the idea of ​​starting this work was from where? It’s come from me or from her side, but it was definitely there. My partner was also my business partner, She is a writer, her hobby is writing, so one day She said that or I had also said, do not remember that let’s start something different. My hobby of writing too, so I did it and the next day we started writing. She write and send it to me by messenger and here I type in the computer, I designed a page. The interesting thing was that only two of us were doing this work and no one knew anything. The new ideas that came to our mind, we landed them in books, we did not stop and kept moving forward. Well whatever. We started work from 15 November and by 28 December we completed 10 books for children. During this time period we faced the many trials and many times We thought many times that we should stop this work, but what answer will we give to ourselves and each other, that if we got a little difficult, we changed our paths or gave weapons with fear of defeat and those who would get a chance. We became more powerful and continued our work amidst many difficulties. We keep encouraging each other that we have to continue our work with more strength. We know very well this way is not easy to prove ourselves as a start in publishing world, we can do it, No matter how many obstacles come in our way, now we are not going to stop. We have only two person team now.

We want to make them happy and learn with fun, so we include many interesting thing in our educational and learning book as a tool. We believe that every child have special brain and develop the ability, creativity for make something different, so we are here to helping them from special creative graphics designs inside books.

Child learn very easy from pictures, we made them choice and present different from others.

We have special things for them e.g. My Coloring book for drawing and coloring in pictures , Play Alphabet for knowing and learning about English alphabet, Play English Rhymes and stories for get knowledge Rhymes and Stories , Hindi Pathan mala and Baal Geet for learing Hindi with poetry, Good things and bad things for knowing what are good things and bad things with good and bad manners, Hindi Su- Aalekh for improvement in Hindi writing, Play Maths for learning and knowing about numbers. and Picture dictionary for improve kids knowledge about surrounding things . Other upper class we also include the Hindi Medium book for class one and two namely by “Tarang” Hindi Varanmala for start a new class journey for move ahead next class.

In the new concept of the our books, our first policy is to provide education to the children, to increase the knowledge of children, and to make them aware of their hardest efforts with the aim of our complete reading work. We will keep children, parents, teachers and teachers from time to time with valuable information from this new endeavour. In order to make our text books more interesting, simple, and enlightening, invaluable suggestions from all of you are sincerely invited, which we will be waiting for …………..!