Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

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Special Request to writers

Authors are requested to ensure that before sending their original works, literature, photos and images, it is theirs and not someone else’s. Only after this send it to us. Later, if any kind of claim is made by any other person regarding the related literature, images, photos etc., then the author will be responsible for it, the publication will have no role in this.

This is a Book Publishing is a website, for which most of the published content is suggested to us by our users/authors or sent to us by them through various sources. It may be possible to obtain this material from sources such as websites with copyright free images.

          by the authors to be changed or shared with us in their original form through various sources such as e-mail, messenger or WhatsApp, of which it is not possible to keep records.

If you object to an image published on our site, please contact us with the image title or URL and the reason for your concern, even if the image is your own creation and you do not wish to share it with anyone.

This publication reserves the right to decide whether to publish or delete images sent to us by authors.

There is no intention of this publication or ours to infringe anyone’s copyright and we take the matter very seriously. If you are the copyright holder of any particular image or book or publication material, we advise that you please inform this publication through e-mail so that we can take your guidelines, objections or advice seriously and take necessary action in time.

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