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New Writers are still struggling and facing many problems and they don’t know  how to publish a book and where they will sell ?

Don’t worry we will  help you put a full-stop to your efforts and respect your hard work in your book.

Get your book published with us with full confidence. BMP Publisher

With our team of experts, we will publish your paperback and e-book and sell in India and earning up to 100% of the profit.

You Write | We Will Publish
You Earn | We sell

About us

We are leading and experienced book publisher in India. Though we specialize in publishing hardbound books, e-books, paperbacks, coffee table books, magazines, brochures, prospectus Since the started books publishing we are going to improvement in  our aim and set the goal for achieve this one one day. Our journey is not old but, we are here between you. We thing we can do what every someone do.
Our clients are very positive and satisfied with us and we will have to do them carefree from our end. Our aim is very clear provide the best and sharp quality content for our readers. Content  are soul of any book and readers are god. We always attempts for provide best quality book for writers and this place is very important for us because if writer can choose you its mean you have a quality for them. Price is not just a matter in move forwarding any content and books. Its depend how much you think about your work and sincerity for your dedication.
We will publish your fresh content very low price from other’s. So you can give us a chance to prove our self your first choice in this field.
We can motivate and help to our respected writers and guide them properly how they can join us and what little things very important in publishing tools.  
We Publish the all kind of books section wise and categories wise for example e.g.
Here are some major forms of any literature.
Novel, Poetry, Drama, Short story, Novella
Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Epic, Erotic, Nonsense,
Lyric, Mythopoeia, Romance, Satire,
Speculative fiction, Tragedy, Tragi comedy
Performance,  Play, Books
Prose, Poetry
History and lists
(History) modern
Outline – Glossary of terms
Books- Writers- Literary awards poetry
                                                     Discussion                                                                Criticism Theory. (critical theory). Sociology. Magazines.

How to publish your book

Contact and consulting

When you need publish your book, contact us and consulting our expert in your book subject. We will guide you in best way.

Sign a contract

When you feel good after meet us, you need sign a simple and good contract between you and our work policy.

Publish your book

Now you can submit your script, we will review and prepare and finally publish your book in your vision.

time to meet your love

This is the time to meet your love and discovering by your book whole world, we assure you with a smooth and good sales!

Why you choose us ?

We are reasonable in our dealings, and are resolved to do the best to enable the authors to recount to their accounts to the world. We comprehend estimation of your difficult work composition is your most valued belonging and that how significant it is for you to see it get distributed and out in the book admirer of your subject. Here a speedy rundown which involves this assurance and understanding that makes us captivate everyone.
Our contract

It is our first responsibility to ensure that you always have the right to your book and all its contents. Our policy is to protect all your rights With BMP Author and publisher contract, we will make sure this happen.


It is very important for you to have the legal right for any book and you are free for this right that you can get copyright through us or yourself. You are responsible for the copyrights of your book

Edit your content

We understand the value of your writing work and we will amend your manuscript according to your wishes. Our team and editors aim is to improve and improve it. We always welcome your manuscript.

Best Design

According to you, we will work on the best book cover page design and interior of the world level and will make you a book that will be truly unique in itself.

Quality Print

We never compromise on our work and quality and we give you a better, sharper printing quality book that will never disappoint you.


Price of any book can effect the market taste. We like to give freedom to choice of own price. Price is another one good fact in your hard work. We maintained it.

Good Marketing

A good marketing is the biggest success in any book. We help you in spreading your brand. Coverage the nationwide and finally won the battle by a effective promotion.


Transparency is the another one big task of any contract or business. We provide the right of any author to know, monitor and control what step and climbing by us. Keep faith us.

Your Profit

We know and understand what value of author hard work. We assume to provide the his work profit from readers up to 100% after sales from our side. Then you will success.