Learning skills
Learning skills

Learning skills


Dear Parents,

You are most warm full welcome to here, now these day our educational system effected by the COVID 19. Its really bad and unfortunate conditions created for everyone, specially for parents and increase level of worries for their kids, how they can read and learn ? whole educational institute almost closed and no more physically classes run these days. One thing we must know and follow it term and conditions over days, that we must physically and mentally prepare and make some future and present plan’s for our kids, not for kids even for us too. Disturb the world level economy and stop the speedily life race and in this life race we had been forget the liabilities for our kids in other way we can say that, in covid 19 duration is not more long but we almost passed 5 month with this panic season.

Parents are worried about their kid’s future, its must be true and at least we did it and make few preparations in couple of days, but they are insufficient for us. We must make the future strong plans for our unstoppable study. Mostly kids enjoy the covid 19 season because they think its no more physically classes and no more homework by teachers and no more pressure for do on time. Not in India even rest of world passing of the panic epidemic. This epidemic learn many things for our life and education system. How to learn? how to maintain ? how spend our life’s hours and how be safe from outside infections.

In this epidemic mostly kids were inside their houses and learn many things from their parents about survive of life’s present situation and how to handle them properly. Learn many skills of where they need in their future. Skills might be for educational, social and mental, they are awesome and faithful, where a side the parents learn their kids about social life and they also learn from their kids about skills of learning how they can learn from others.

In the free time, kids were busy the invent and learning new things e.g. drawing, painting, making crafts, learning new things, cooking foods, cleaning, office working from parents and many more things. We think as well as the kid’s can and learn a big part from our social life, outside extra material for surviving their life’s situation.

Study is another important part of our life, so spend hundred hours in year by attending study classes, joining play ground for physical fitness, joining spiritual classes for mental health and increase level of memory. Study does not whole in books, its more about outside, why we did not go to outside and make perfect for our aims. We always make pressure to our kids for go ahead as like be a race in a study ground, why we did not give the proper attention for make them mentally happiness and ready for hard work. This is true that we only want from our kid’s they obtain the great mark in sheet e.g. A++, but we always forget that, another good way for achieve their goal. We must understand this thing that mentally pressure may be harm for kid’s so please don’t give them a hard job for mentally exam in paper study, give them love, care and a good, friendly environment for make happy life for success.

At last We want to say, learn your kids with their ability not cross kid’s ability level. Give the proper love and care. Study is not symbol of success, it only just for earning money now day’s. Keep the human value and learn them with love and respect. Don’t pressure for learn something in study, just learn how they can learn.

Thank You !

Bright MP Publisher