Your kid is not horse !
Your kid is not horse !

Your kid is not horse !

Hello Dear Parents…

Always keep one thing in your mind that your child is not a race horse which you can whip and force you to come first in the education race. It is a small plant which is in great need of your love and affection. Feel what he wants from you and give him everything he needs, otherwise you are taking care of a machine and nothing else. We often forget our duties and poor love which we can give to them, but we are afraid to look at the environment around us and not be able to give our child everything that he needs so much.

Even if such a child has been reprimanded by your scolding, then he can only acquire bookish knowledge and will not know anything about social values ​​and he will give his child the same education that he has got from his parents, such children grow up Can never do good to his family and nation. When the children grow up, the parents should try to understand the mind of the children and support them in fulfilling the dreams that are going on in their mind. Nowadays, the parents are so busy with their work, job, business that they do not have time to even look after their children. This brings a lot of thought in the mind of the child, they are mostly negative, they start thinking that my mother’s father does not have time for me, so he becomes a bookworm to cut his time.

If you want children to grow up and serve their family and country, then you have to give them time and look into their mind and solve their every problem, whether it is mother or father. Do not impose studies on children and they should be brought into a friendly environment and listen to their words carefully and implement them. Make your children not well trended, well educated so that they can do something in future for themselves, for their family and for their country.
Nowadays this problem is also very much that if parents do not get involved in anything, then they start fighting in front of the children, abusing them which is not a good thing, which has a direct effect on the children, as they look. They later follow the same. There is no matter for them, then they become the beginning of it and their attention is less in writing and they are surrounded by the fear that the mother may not fight again and she is very weak from within. Those who go further, let them have several types of diseases.

Whatever issues you have, you should solve it by sitting in seclusion, do not bring children in between and do social and good things in front of them, which will affect their mind and they will progress. Never put pressure on children to study, make a habit of how to improve your daily routine and explain the importance of the importance of studies in life. Explain your religion, science, technology, virtue, behavior, society and ways, not about hypocrisy and superstition. Always explain them about good and bad and also understand the difference between them.
Tell them about your family’s history and pride, teach good and inspiring stories, biographies of great men, better health and benefits of sleeping early and waking up early, and tell a lot of good things.
Never put pressure on them that the uncle of the neighborhood uncle has come first, why didn’t you come? If you don’t run fast, how will the first come? Education system is not a race competition, even if you win, you will not even know how we win? When we do not know how we win, there will be no benefit to move forward.

We are playing with the lives of our children, snatching their childhood, their laughter, playing, jumping and everything in the process of getting ahead of others. Parents who want to make their child number one in education and class, they push their child far back in real life, they ruin their future. Children should be given an environment where they can do what they think they want and the idea of ​​total freedom should not be ignored, everything should be ignored, keep an eye and where they make a mistake, they should be interrupted And they should give information about what is right.
If we do something like this, it is our belief that we will definitely give something to our generation.

Thank you