List of Your Book
List of Your Book

List of Your Book

Now you can list your book for free with us and we will publish on our online book store. For successful book publishing please note following :

How to do?

  1. Please provide the book details and cover page images.
  2. In whole details book’s ISBN number very must.
  3. Book cover page Images must be clear and readable content.
  4. Please provide a little description about author.
  5. Description detail please visit our online book store, please click on for know more what kind of a book details.
  6. All required information please send to us by our official email :

Terms :

  1. Book will be publish within 3 days of receiving your book details.
  2. After book successfully published our online book store on, anyone can buy or take information from here about any published book.
  3. If we got any order for your book from buyer’s, we will sent to you buyers information/address and please dispatch required/buy book to his/her address. (This is author/owner’s self service)
  4. Buyer will pay to us for any book (Your Book) and after successful delivery of book we will pay to you by various payment method e.g. Google Pay, Phone Pay, Amazon Pay, Paytm, Direct bank transfer, UPI address, in your bank account/wallet within 3 working day.
  5. We will give to author 50% royalty on his book sale (Only for book sale price, not Books MRP).
  6. Courier charges Rs. 50/- will be paid by author/owner of book, courier charges will be paid by us to author along with his total amount of book.

For Amazon Book Listing/Publishing.

  1. For amazon book listing follow the above terms and procedure.
  2. If your book already listed on Amazon, please do not send to us for amazon.
  3. If your book still not available on amazon, you can sent a request to us for listing this on amazon.
  4. For listing/Publishing on, Rs. 50/- will be charge of each book.
  5. Amazons term’s and conditions will be apply.

Benefit of List/publish your book.

  1. Your own value will be more increase.
  2. Your book’s will be meet more visitors/ readers.
  3. Your author brand value will be known by interesting people.
  4. Global publicity will be more for free.
  5. We will advertise your book for free over social media, you don’t need pay to others.
  6. We will assist you when you facing any issue concern book publishing.

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